The newest, must-have kitchen appliance on the market today is a seltzer water maker.  The leader in seltzer water makers is SodaStream with more than 8 million sold in over 30 countries.  SodaStream not only makes refreshing, sparkling seltzer water and soda, but it also allows you to save in so many ways.


Save Time
A seltzer water maker is a convenient, time-saving appliance for your home.  Making fresh seltzer water at home with your seltzer water maker takes less time than brewing a cup of coffee.  You will also save countless trips to the grocery store by making your own seltzer water or soda with your at-home seltzer water maker.

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Using the SodaStream system is as easy as filling a cup and clicking a mouse.  Seltzer water can easily be made with your seltzer water maker in three easy steps:   

Step 1:  Fill your SodaStream bottle with fresh tap water (The SodaStream bottle is included with your kit).

Step 2:  Insert bottle into the SodaStream carbonating unit.

Step 3:  Push three times to carbonate your water.  For extra fizziness, you can add more carbonation.

Thats it!  Three easy steps to refreshing, sparkling seltzer water.  See the video below to find out more about the SodaStream system: 

Save Money
It costs only 17 cents per liter to make seltzer water with the SodaStream.  That’s a savings of more than $2.00 a liter for fresh seltzer water compared to buying bottled imported sparkling water.  For 25 cents more, you can make fresh, flavored soda!  You instantly save money using the SodaStream with every use.  Also, no more deposit fees for those who live in states that charge a deposit fee on bottles and cans.

Save more with the purchase of a SodaStream soda maker!  Use the SodaStream coupon code BESTFRIENDS at checkout for a $10 discount on the purchase of a SodaStream value kit.

Save Space
The sleek, compact design of the SodaStream seltzer maker is about the size of a standard coffee maker.  It uses very little counter space and can easily be stored away when not in use.  A seltzer water maker also saves space.  It’s perfect for those who have little storage space like RV travellers, boaters, and college students.  No more having to stock up on bottles and cans of soda.  With one SodaStream seltzer water maker, you can continually make more seltzer water without having to stock up on bottles and cans.  One SodaStream Sodamix is about the size of a can of soda, but has enough to make 36 cans of flavored soda.

Save the Environment
With the SodaStream seltzer water maker, there are no cans or bottles to throw away.  No bottles and cans means you are helping to save the environment and reducing your carbon footprint simply by making your own fresh seltzer water and soda with SodaStream.

Save Calories
Seltzer water is a healthy alternative to sugary drinks like soda and juice.  SodaStream also offers Sodamixes which have 2/3 less calories, sugar, carbs, and sodium than regular store-bought soda.  The SodaStream Sodamixes come in a variety of tasty flavors and are available in regular and diet.  The diet varieties are made with Splenda and they are perfect for diabetics and those who are monitoring their sugar intake.

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